About Us

Our Founder and CEO

Mike Myers, at the age of 22, began his professional career working in the marketing department for Clinical Biopathology Laboratory, which his family owned and operated. He developed a vision for improving lives through better nutrition and, in 1996, saw an opportunity to act upon that vision. Thus, NuCare Nutrition was born. NuCare has developed into a thriving international business experiencing rapid growth and currently employing around 20 people in the community of Kingfisher, Oklahoma.


Our Company

NuCare manufactures and distributes a wide variety nutrition supplements under the NuCare brand. The company thrives upon developing and manufacturing products with integrity and a view toward the long term as regards to both product development and business relationships. We are an FDA-Registered facility and are GMP compliant. The safety and satisfaction of our clients’ customers is our primary goal. We use only high quality ingredients and proven manufacturing techniques to give you the perfect blend every time, on time, and with the consistency of taste your customers have come to expect. From product development to¬†manufacturing, packaging and labeling, NuCare does it all for you.