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NuCare Nutrition


Let us make your job easier!

Nufulfillment will step in and handle all shipping directly to your customers. Give us a call today to discuss your specific needs. (866) 456-6860

We can save you time, money, and space! We can also ship faster to your customers with same day shipping!

NuFulfillment pricing:

  • Pick Fee – $1.00 per item
  • Packaging Fee – $0.50 per package
  • Pass through shipping fee (no markup costs)
  • $500 shipping deposit
  • Bi-weekly billing for all fees


We offer same day shipping up to 4:00pm CST! No shipping on Saturday and Sunday. We know building rapport with your customers is important to you, so we will let you handle any return items needed with them personally. 

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Nucare Nutrition
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