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Agmatine Ingredient Spotlight

Agmatine Ingredient Spotlight

Mike Myers

What is Agmatine?

Agmatine is one of the by-products of Arginine metabolism. It helps regulate the production of nitric oxide, which is why it is popularly known as a “pump” ingredient. It acts as a neurotransmitter, enhancing feelings of clarity and focus, and reducing anxiety. Supplementation with higher amounts of Agmatine has been shown to increase luteinizing hormone, which increases testosterone production. Agmatine has also been shown to enhance insulin sensitivity, which helps in reducing body fat, and increasing the amount of nutrients delivered to growing muscle tissue.

Dosage is typically between 250mg – 1g, with recommendations of 1g-2g/daily for maximum benefit. Some users may experience stomach discomfort above 1g, so dividing dosages throughout the day is recommended.

Agmatine is a great addition to your lineup. Although it has a slightly bitter aftertaste, it can be sold as a pure powder. It can also be sold as a pure capsule, or combined with other “pump” ingredients for powdered pump formulas, or any preworkout mix. Because of its function as a neurotransmitter, it would also be a good addition to nootropic formulas.

Agmatine Takeaways

  • Pump
  • Enhanced insulin performance
  • Focus/mood/anti-anxiety
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